Gutter Cleaning Overland Park

Gutter Cleaning Overland Park

The two most critical parts of any home are the roof and the structure itself. Your home’s structure is what will keep it standing, protecting you and your family from the danger of outside elements and providing stability. In the same manner, the roofing system protects the inside of your home, preventing critters, weather, and debris from coming inside and causing damage which is why it is important for gutter cleaning in Overland Park.

cleaning of debris from gutters

Just as the foundation makes the entire home standing strong, the roof plays a major role as well. In order for the roof to funnel water properly, you must have good gutter systems in place. Gutters are critical, so make sure you choose a professional who can get the job done right. Improperly installed gutters will work against your home, and not with it.

How Do Gutters Work?

Water on a roof naturally flows down the sloped angles of the roof. When your roofing system has properly installed gutters, water will collect along the edges of the roof and flow toward the corners of the house where it can drain down through the gutters and away from your house.

The reason gutters are so important is that without them, water would collect near the base of the house, weakening the foundation over time. This is sure to be a serious problem for the structure and stability of your home over time.

Gutter Cleaning Overland Park – Ladder Safety Protocol

While it may not always be possible to have a second person outside with you, do not go up on the ladder or roof to work on the gutters if there isn’t anyone else home at all. Someone needs to know what you are doing and where you are. Make sure your ladder is sturdy and in good repair.

Avoid using a wooden ladder, as those are the least sturdy. The best is aluminium because they are both sturdy and light enough to move around safely. Fibreglass ladders are also good, but they can be heavy and will contribute to muscle fatigue.

Finally, do not put your ladder up anywhere near electrical wires that run into your home. You should be far enough away that you can’t reach out and touch them or fall into them if your ladder does slip. While you’re working, double check – visually – that the power lines coming into your home aren’t damaged. If you see signs of wear, call an electrician to have a repair made.

Maintaining Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutters should be carefully inspected as least once a year. Walk around your property on a day with no rain, and check that the gutters are sturdy and intact. Look for any cracks or places that seem unstable. If you find anything that concerns you, call your roofer to come and inspect the gutters and the roof.

Additionally, on a rainy day, check the gutters again and make sure the rainwater is flowing down the gutters. You are looking to see if the water flows easily without leaking or drips from other places on the roof. The water should not pool or puddle at the base. Once you’ve checked the water flowing properly through the downspouts, make sure that the bottom of the downspout stops at least two feet away from your home. Again, you want to see to it that no water is pooling near the foundation of the home.

If your home has older gutters, there is a high chance that water will leak from them. This is because they are not seamless like today’s modern gutter designs. Seamless gutters are much more aesthetically pleasing, as well as more functional.

Modern gutter installation doesn’t have to be super costly. Our roofing experts can quickly install seamless gutter systems quickly, and at a price that might surprise you! You will be guaranteed a gutter system that is totally free of drips and leaks.


Choosing the right roofing system can be overwhelming and confusing for many homeowners. Our qualified professionals will take the time to help make the process easy and speedy!

  • Consider the Architectural Style of Your Home. Choose a roof that makes sense. You wouldn’t want clay tiles normally seen on Spanish style homes on a colonial home.
  • Inspect Regularly. Take a good look from the ground every so often to check for obvious signs of wear and tear, leaks, etc. If you’re concerned about anything, let our roofers do a more detailed inspection.
  • Consider Your Budget. Roofing systems come in all sizes, colors, materials, and functionality. They also can vary widely in cost. Our team will be happy to guide you on your options, according to your budget.
  • Don’t Pick the First Company You Find. Take a little time to do some homework and call any references. Just because a company gives you the best price doesn’t mean they will deliver the best work.